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Elderly. Therapeutic Exercise with 65Plus+

Soft profile classes, suitable for optimal evolution of the elderly.

Age should not be an obstacle to exercise. Controlled exercise adds quality of life.

The more time and effort you invest in conserving and increasing your ability to move, the more you will enjoy greater independence and social life.

We know that regular practice of the Pilar Domínguez Method helps maintain autonomy and provides the well-being necessary to make us feel good and motivated.

The soft-intensity classes of the Pilar Domínguez Method have the specific adaptations that allow a rapid and progressive evolution. In these classes we have the supervision of qualified professionals. These classes have been designed knowing the usual characteristics of the users as well as the adaptation in terms of rhythm and intensity of the exercises.

The regular practice of the Pilar Domínguez Method contributes to the well-being necessary to extend our quality of life and guarantees a control over aging.

At present, an important part of our users are elderly people who enjoy the therapeutic benefits of MPD practice:

• Increases flexibility and tone the global musculature.
• Provides a bigger joint range of movement.
• Improves sense of spatial orientation, coordination and balance.
• Positive effect on the functioning of internal organs.
• Increases memory, attention and concentration.
• Provides an expressive component resulting in creativity and self-esteem.
• Provides relationship skills: Positive thinking.
• Positive effects on sensory activity: touch, sight, hearing...
• Very positive effects on the improvement of Osteoporosis.
• Positive effect on digestive problems.

They improve MOBILITY (flexibility, balance and toning), MEMORY (attention and concentration), SELF-ESTEEM (positive thinking and expressivity), SENSITIVITY (increase of sensorial capacities) and COMMUNICATION (group work, communication, interaction and participation).

Elderly. Therapeutic Exercise with 65Plus+
Group practice increases motivation and promotes continuity, allowing better results.
Elderly. Therapeutic Exercise with 65Plus+
A client passionate about the Method results talks at TV1 about the benefits achieved.
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