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Therapeutic work units in MPD
At IPD we offer a scientific framework through research based on empirical results.
We have developed specific work Units with adaptations specially designed for people of all ages, with pathologies such as: osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, fibromyalgia or for the prevention of symptoms or inappropriate postural habits that can lead to pain, such as back pain, knees, hips, ankles, headaches, etc., creating the following units to teach the MPD, which are offered in the CPD:
Pilar Domínguez Method
Therapeutic Exercise and base technique

It constitutes the main unit of MPD work. It is addressed both to prevention and to support the treatment of various ailments, since it includes a protocol of adaptations applicable to people with pain or mobility limitations.

Pilar Domínguez Method
Children and Adolescents Unit

Aimed at children and adolescents in general, up to 18 years, in order to optimize integral health during this stage of their development. This unit can include children and adolescents who present risk factors for the spine health such as kyphotic postures, scoliosis, hamstring shortening… The exercises and methodology are adapted especially to growth characteristics.

Children and Adolescents Unit
Pregnancy and Postpartum Unit

This Unit is the fruit of the collaboration between Mrs. Pilar Domínguez and Dr. Elena Carreras.
We offer a set of services whose general objectives are:

• Enjoying pregnancy.
• Preparing for birth.
• Growing with parenting.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Unit
Unit 65Plus +

Controlled exercise adds quality of life.
The soft-intensity classes of the Pilar Domínguez Method have the specific adaptations that allow a rapid and progressive evolution.
They improve MOBILITY (flexibility, balance and toning), MEMORY (attention and concentration), SELF-ESTEEM (positive thinking and expressivity), SENSITIVITY (increase of sensorial capacities) and COMMUNICATION (group work, communication, interaction and participation).

Unit 65Plus +
Relaxation Unit

The Relaxation Program is composed of various contents all aimed to offer the student support tools when it is desired to perform a specific relaxation work added to the benefits of the Method practice.

Relaxation Unit
Physiotherapy and Osteopathy IPD

A unique health integrative work. Prevention and maintenance of the musculoskeletal system. Individual Treatments

 Physiotherapy and Osteopathy IPD
Integral care to Elite Sportists and Young Promises

This Unit has as main objective the prevention of the health of the athlete of high performance, as well as the improvement of the physical conditions and of the sport performance.
We work on the evaluation, prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal habits and functional movements in order to prevent injuries and enhance sports performance, treat injuries and improve eating habits.

• Training Study
• Preventive practice
• Biomechanics

Integral care to Elite Sportists and Young Promises
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