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The Pilar Domínguez Institute (IPD)

The Pilar Domínguez Institute for Postural Rebalancing, Body Biomechanics and Kinesthesia (IPD for its initials in Spanish), is an international multidisciplinary research and work center, located in Barcelona.

The IPD is born with the objective of offering / to offer a global and specific therapeutic work, professional training, research and dissemination of the Pilar Domínguez Method (MPD for its initials in Spanish), therapeutic exercise for postural correction; a method which, with more than 35 years of results empirically tested and endorsed by health and sports professionals, has become one of the reference methodologies and confers great competitiveness.

Fundamental objectives:

• To contribute to the transformation of the social reality related to the physical activity associated to health, through a pioneering methodology that represents, on the one hand, an awareness of postural health in the citizen and, on the other hand, an effective support to the health environment in the treatment of ailments and pathologies.

• To provide academic training, consulting and supervision in the field of therapeutic corrective gymnastics based on the principles of biomechanics and postural alignment gathered in the MPD.

• To provide research in the field of rehabilitation therapy Antigravitational Active Kinesiotherapy MPD based on the principles of rebalancing, biomechanics and kinesthesia gathered in MPD.

• To respond to the demand by facilitating the expansion of MPD nationally and internationally through Associated Centers and Franchises; qualifying and offering the necessary training and monitoring that will ensure rigor and quality.

Transformation of the social reality

The MPD provides a postural discerning that helps to obtain the integrating body awareness of: Balance, Movement and Environment. It provides skills that allow integrating and establishing healthy patterns of movement coordination.

R&D, Research and Development

IPD works in synergy with a pioneering and technological business network that guarantees the highest quality and excellence. Through research and development, IPD develops specific therapeutic programs aimed at prevention and support in the treatment of pathologies.

Análisis y resultados
IPD has a research department as an instrument to provide a scientific framework for MPD. Through clinical measurements, the follow-up is made that allows the publication of results and the constant evolution of the R&D department.

Therapeutic work units and professional synergies

From IPD we work in the study of new benefits derived from the practice of the Method. Consequences of this work are the therapeutic support units based on the MPD. Currently, we investigate in the Therapeutic Units of:

• Children and Adolescents
• Relaxation and emotional management
• 65+Plus, specific for the elderly
• Pre and Postpartum
• Back School.
• Spine pathologies in adults
• Acute and chronic pain
• High performance sports
• Neurodynamics

Therapeutic corrective gymnastics, training, consulting and supervision

Among the main objectives of the Institute, there is the recent creation of the School (EMPD for its initials in Spanish), which guarantees adequate training in MPD.

An extensive continuing education program guarantees professional quality and excellence as a MPD technician.

IPD establishes partnerships, synergies and alliances with various entities in the health and sport field.

Expansion of the MPD nationally and internationally. Rigor and quality

Inclusion in the official register
Authorized Centers are included in the official public access registry.

The expansion and diffusion of the MPD are guaranteed in terms of preserving the quality and authenticity of an own and consolidated methodology.

The Pilar Domínguez Institute (IPD)
The Pilar Domínguez Institute (IPD)
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