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IPD Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Service

A unique integrative health work. Prevention and maintenance of the musculoskeletal system. Individual Treatments.

The IPD physiotherapy team is a specialist in posture and postural correction.

Our therapeutic gymnastics improves the current and future quality of life, avoiding multiple pathologies that can appear in an acute way and be established in a chronic and permanent way.

Our IPD physiotherapy service is geared towards specific treatment and intervention to help you achieve your personal goals, improve your physical condition and control the pain that illnesses can cause.


• Exercise therapy.
• Manual lymphatic drainage.
• Active and passive kinesiotherapy.
• Vertebral traction.
• Manual traction.
• Personal training.
• Specific passive joint mobilizations. Isometric and isokinetic muscular work.
• Personal classes of MPD.
• Gait reeducation and postural reeducation on gait (proprioception, rebalancing, biomechanics and kinesthetic).
• Physiotherapy for women.
• Pelvic floor rehabilitation.
• Back school.
• Dance physiotherapy.
• Sports physiotherapy.
• Massages: for contractures, neurosedative and antistress.

Osteopathy, as a specialty within physiotherapy, observes the person in a holistic way, looking for the primary causes of the disease to treat them with specific manual techniques, restoring the balance between structure and function, giving the body the necessary mechanisms for its healing.

• Diagnostic and treatment method that sees the person as a whole.

• Application of manual techniques aimed at the tissues that obtain physiological reactions that balance and normalize the different muscular, osteoarticular, organic and functional alterations, improving or resolving the clinical picture.

• Because of the softness and diversity of its techniques, osteopathy is indicated for all ages, from infants to elderly.

• Indicated for rachis, upper limb and lower limb alterations.

Pelvic floor
It is a Physiotherapy specialty which improves, heal and prevent different dysfunctions of the pelvic floor through simple and effective treatments.

There are some factors that influence the functional alterations of the pelvic floor, such as pregnancy and parturition, pelvic surgeries, certain sports activities, chronic constipation, menopause, etc., which can trigger dysfunctions such as urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction or pelvic pain, among others.

• We improve and prevent incontinence situations.

• We treat female and male sexual dysfunctions.

• We eliminate pelvic pain.

At present, there is no need to hide and live with them, since they have a solution.

We managed to eliminate and improve symptoms such as urine leakage and pain, improving quality of life.

Physiotherapy during pregnancy
During pregnancy, the woman experiences numerous changes which prepare her body to accommodate and allow the development of the baby. Muscles and joints are subjected to a great effort because of the increase in weight and volume, which can force them to adopt inappropriate postures. The lumbar curvature is more pronounced and the pelvis leans forward. Greater laxity or flexibility appears in the joints and also a hypertonia in the lumbar musculature.

This can trigger, at times, some affections or discomforts.

Physical therapy can treat and relieve pregnancy affections or discomforts, such as:

• Low back pain, with or without radiating pain to the leg.
• Groin pain that makes it difficult to move in the bed, walk or stand only on one leg.
• Sharp pain in the sacral area.
• Cervical and dorsal contractures as a consequence of postural change.
• Fluid retention and leg swelling.
• Urinary incontinence problems.
• Pain form sciatic nerve compression.

By using manual techniques not harmful to the baby, such as massage, stretching, lymphatic drainage, perineal massage, mobilizations and postural correction.

• Helps to enjoy the stage of pregnancy.
• Prevents alterations after delivery.
• Reduces the risk of episiotomies and tears of the pelvic floor muscles in the delivery and accelerates its recovery.

IPD Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Service
A unique integrative health work. Prevention and maintenance of the musculoskeletal system. Individual Treatments.
IPD Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Service
IPD Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Service
We combine treatments with our free active physiotherapy MPD.
IPD Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Service
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