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Silvia MIrabet

Nutritionist expert
Author of the book Dulce salud y emociones
Silvia Mirabet on the left with Ana Andrés.

I have been practicing postural correction in Pilar Dominguez for more than 20 years. In parallel I have been enrolled in several gyms but I have never stopped practicing the method of Pillar D. to this day.

After suffering from severe back pain due to lordosis, scoliosis, coccyx at right angles and having 2 crusted intravertebral discs there was a time when he could practically only stand. Neither sitting nor lying could endure the pain, about to be operated, after a medical visit, I decided to sign up to Pilar Dominguez, where they told me: you are always in time to operate, give yourself a chance.

Seen in perspective, after having enhanced the formation of Holisitca naturopathy, Chinese medicine and understanding that exercise, food and rest of the organism is what gives us much of the health or disease, it was a liberation for me.

In fact, during the first years, the interruption of the holidays in August caused me to suffer again in September, despite having insistently hanged myself from the doors of my house during the summer! I also remember asking all the members of my family to suspend me a few seconds in the air to relax the vertebrae.

The fourth year, when I resumed my classes in Pilar D. I said euphoric: this year has been perfect, it is the first time that I have not hung up or relocated my back during the month of August and despite that, nothing hurts!

The teacher, without blinking, replied: this means that you have been with us for 3 years now, or am I wrong? I was stupefied. Until that they have calculated, I thought!

Sometimes friends ask me is not it monotonous to go year after year to the same place, doing similar exercises? And I always answer the same: This is like going to the doctor, he recommends taking a medicine and you pose, if you like the taste. Would you really plan it or would you simply take it?

To me the method is 100 per 100 effective, so everything else, I do not raise it because I think there is a professional team behind.

The exercises that we carry out weekly are a necessity for me that I cover very gladly whenever possible. It's my maintenance. In my opinion, it is far from monotonous since even today, after more than 20 years, I am still learning details that have gone unnoticed before. It is a while that I dedicate it to me, to listen to my body and "grease" my joints.

There is only one thing I would like to say: thanks Pilar, for giving me the opportunity to not have surgery!

Silvia Mirabet
Author of the book Sweet Health and Emotions

To buy Silvia Mirabet's book: Comprar aqui

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